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Xiaomi will probably ship this Redmi Note without a charger in the box

Last updated: August 25, 2022 at 7:57 PM IST

Xiaomi does not offer a charger for the new Redmi Note 11 phone

Xiaomi does not offer a charger for the new Redmi Note 11 phone

Xiaomi could introduce its new Redmi Note 11 series smartphone in India without a charger in the box as per the details shared on the company’s website.

Xiaomi is the latest brand to ditch the in-the-box charger for its smartphones, even as the company pushes charging speed levels in the industry. The company is launching its new Redmi Note 11 SE smartphone in India on August 26, and it appears that the device will not have a charger inside the box.

The details of the phone are already available on the Xiaomi website, and when you scroll down the page, and go to the section where the contents appear in the box, you will notice that the charger is mentioned along with the USB C cable.

We’ve mostly seen brands like Apple, Samsung, and even Google drop the charger, and Samsung did it in its mid-range Galaxy A series phone lately.

But for Xiaomi to skip giving the charger, that too with the Redmi smartphone feels like an end that no one wants. This is a brand that has talked about upgrading its charging technology, and even with the mid-range Redmi phones, it is getting 67W fast charging support nowadays.

Xiaomi will probably feel that most households in India already have a Xiaomi charger and can look for ways to reduce e-waste in the country. But it’s a big gamble from the company, especially when the specifications of the Redmi Note 11 SE indicate that its battery supports 33W fast charging.

Buyers will have to purchase an additional charger, which they can do from Xiaomi itself or from other third-party brands. We are interested to see if Xiaomi is able to pass the cost of skipping the charger with the Redmi Note 11 SE to the customer in some way. We hope that this Redmi model will be an exception in this direction, and Xiaomi will not stop giving chargers to other phones.

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