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TCL Announcements from MWC 2022

Budget phone maker TCL showed off a range of gadgets at the Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC) earlier this year. It was fitting, considering that MWC is where companies go to advertise all the tech and gadgets they’ve been working on since CES.

TCL did not disappoint this year. Despite being a budget phone maker, the company showed off some really interesting concept devices (including new foldable tablets), some new tablets, some new modems and of course a bunch of phones when the 2022 range was announced.

We have some local rates for you, so we thought we’d update this page a bit. Let’s talk TCL.

phones? Boy, does TCL have phones

TCL MWC 2022
TCL 30V 5G is available in the US Photo: TCL

At MWC 2022, TCL revealed several new devices as part of its 30 Series series. This includes:

  • TCL 30E
  • TCL 30SE
  • TCL 30
  • TCL 30+
  • TCL 30 5G

Each device will include TCL’s signature NXTVISION display technology (which we liked before) along with over 5,000mAh batteries. Each phone will have Android 12 and TCL has committed to at least two years of security upgrades for each device plus at least one OS upgrade during that time.

As you can see in the images above, the cameras vary greatly between devices, with the 30SE and 30E featuring completely different camera bump designs. Each phone has a refresh rate of 60Hz, with internal storage ranging from 64GB to 128GB. The TCL 30 5G will be the only device that supports 5G connectivity. The TCL 30V 5G was released in the US recently, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for it if it hits the Australian market soon.

The TCL 30, 30+ and 30 5G are top members of the 30 Series family, with 6.7-inch AMOLED screens. However, the TCL 30E and TCL 30SE will include a 6.52-inch screen. The 30, 30+, 305G, and 30SE cameras feature an AI triple camera array, while the TCL 30E has a dual camera with a 50MP main lens. Additionally, the 305G and 30+ models include an ultra-wide front camera (in case you need to squeeze more people into a selfie). Only four of these phones are available in Australia.

Pricing and availability in Australia:

  • TCL 30+: $399 (available in Muse Blue and Tech Black from Harvey Norman, Officeworks, Big W, Target, Mobileciti, Amazon, and Dick Smith)
  • TCL 30 SE: $329 (available in Atlantic blue and space gray from Harvey Norman, Officeworks, Big W, Target, Mobileciti, Amazon, and Dick Smith)
  • TCL 306: $229 (available in Atlantic blue and space gray from Harvey Norman, Big W, Mobileciti, Amazon, and Dick Smith)
  • TCL 305: $199 (available in Atlantic blue and space gray from Officeworks, Big W, Target, Vodafone, Mobileciti, Amazon, and Dick Smith)

technology concept

Perhaps the most exciting thing to come out of TCL’s MWC 2022 show is the technology concept. Although TCL previously showed off a ‘Fold ‘N Roll’ smartphone that can be rolled sideways and folded out to expand the screen in two ways, TCL has another trick up its sleeve this year.

TCL MWC 2022
Photo: TCL

TCL showed off two new concept devices – the TCL 360 Ultra Flex, a foldable screen smartphone that folds across the back completely, and the TCL Surround Display, which includes a screen that wraps around the back of the device while also foldable.

TCL MWC 2022
Photo: TCL
TCL MWC 2022
Photo: TCL

If TCL could pull off these foldable devices I’d like, but for now, while TCL is a maker of budget and tech phones, I’m a bit hesitant to give these phone concepts a lot of air time. TCL also showed off a pair of smart specs, which feature a built-in camera and an on-lens display. Once again, the concept of space, a concept based on Google Glasses.

TCL MWC 2022
Photo: TCL

Unlike the previously mentioned foldable devices, TCL has released smart glasses in the Australian market before.


Moving on to tablets, TCL had a few things to announce at MWC 2022.

TCL MWC 2022
Photo: TCL

After the release of the TCL NXTPAPER 10S in January, TCL is enhancing its NXTPAPER lineup with the NXTPAPERMAX 10. This massive tablet is supposed to look like paper. It has a huge 10.36 inch screen with TCL NXTPAPER technology.

Let’s just talk about NXTPAPER technology, real fast. TCL’s NXTPAPER screen technology is meant to be anti-glare and ideal for reading – in the preview viewed, the NXTPAPER 10S had less glare when raised than the standard TCL TAB screen. TCL’s NXTPAPER tablets haven’t made their way to Australia yet, but we’ll be excited when they do.

Going forward, TCL also announced the TAB 10 HD 4G, which is meant to be TCL’s next non-NXTPAPER tablet and a follow-up to the TAB 10S, which we reviewed (we weren’t happy with). TCL is also releasing a 5G capable version of the TAB 10S.

Here are the prices you can expect to pay for these tablets:

  • TCL TAB 10 HD 4G: €179 (about $279) with additional FHD version priced at €199 (about $310)
  • TCL NXTPAPER MAX10: €269 (about $420)
  • TCL TAB 10s 5G: 349 euros (about $545)

We’ll give these tablets a more detailed look if they make it to the Australian market.

routers? defy

You might see some TCL routers appearing in the future, with TCL announcing a handful of them, including a 5G router called the TCL Linkhub (with a wired home Internet version available) and a mobile router called the TCL Linkzone (with a 4G model and a 5G model available). Australian release information will be confirmed.

TCL MWC 2022
Photo: TCL

When will all this come to Australia?

We’ve just updated the pricing and availability of the TCL phone, but the official line for the rest of this stuff (except for the technology concept) is that “prices and availability should be confirmed for Australia, closer to the local launch”.

This article has been updated since it was first published with pricing and availability.