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Serif overhauls the entire Affinity range and adds a new iPad publisher

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Affinity Photo 2, Affinity Designer 2, and Affinity Publisher 2 were launched by Serif for Mac and iPad, with reworked interfaces, new features, and new licensing options.

Serif is already steadily rolling out new features and performance updates to both its art and photo apps. But now, the Adobe alternative has simultaneously released two new versions of each of its applications.

“For the first time, we’re bringing the latest and most performing of all of our products to market at the same time, with some amazing features,” Ashley Hewson, managing director of Serif, said in a statement. “We think old and new Affinity users will love it.”

The main advantage of the Affinity apps is how they work together – while in an Affinity Publisher document, users can click a button to edit the same file in Affinity Photo.

It’s as if users keep the one current document and Serif wraps different applications around that. This means that it is quick to perform actions such as touching an image once it is already on the page.

Serif says that key new features in the new Affinity Designer 2 software include “much-needed” vector warping, which “allows you to apply non-destructive warping to any vector artwork or text.”

Also includes an easier shape builder and knife tool. The Measure and Area tools allow users to “specify the area, perimeter, and any segment length of a closed shape”.

Affinity Photo 2 now allows users to non-destructively “develop” RAW files. The new compound masks feature allows you to combine masks, “using addition, intersection, subtraction, and XOR operations.”

Then Affinity Publisher 2 adds the ability to include footnotes and endnotes, plus the Place tool now features automatic flow. “Create a single layout that automatically repeats across the document,” says Serif.

Affinity Publisher 2 now allows users to combine “separate Publisher documents as chapters to create one long publication”, but only on a Mac.

Affinity Publisher on iPad

Affinity Publisher on iPad

New on iPad: Affinity Publisher

With the release of Affinity Publisher for the iPad, all three Serif design apps are now available on iPad, Mac, and PC.

“Our work on bringing creative, full-desktop-quality software to iPad has led the world and set new industry standards for what users should expect from iPad apps,” Hewson continued. “And now we’re the first to bring all the features you associate with desktop publishing to the iPad as well.”

“There has never really been anything like this before,” he claimed. “The power and portability of Affinity Publisher 2 for iPad allows you to take page design and layout outside the office and into whatever space brings you the most inspiration.”

Pricing & Launching

Hewson notes that there has been speculation that the company will move to subscriptions, but “I’m happy to confirm that’s not the case.” He argues that a one-time purchase of Serif means that Affinity apps are “the only viable option for many.”

At launch, Affinity apps have a 40% off discount – and so does the Affinity V2 Global License, which is a bundle of all apps on every platform.

This global license costs $99.99, and will increase to $169.99 after an unspecified date. Each of the three apps for Mac — Affinity Designer 2, Affinity Photo 2, and Affinity Publisher 2 — is on sale separately for $40.99, rising to $69.99 later.

For the iPad, each app retails for $11.99, and the price will go up to $19.99 after launch.

iPad versions can be purchased from the iOS App Store and Mac App Store. Mac versions can also be purchased directly from Serif, which is also the way to purchase the Affinity V2 Universal License Pack.

Each of the new Affinity apps for Mac requires macOS 10.15. For an iPad, they each require at least 15.0 of the iPadOS operating system.