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PIL’s appeal to ban cell phones inside Subramaniaswamy Temple

The priest of the Subramanyaswamy Temple in Tiruchendor, Thothokudy District, has moved the Madurai Building of the Madras High Court in search of a directive to the state to ban the use of mobile phones inside the temple.

The petitioner, M. Seetharaman said the temple was an ancient temple and the ajama rules played a vital role in the worship and administration of the temple. Agama rules in every Hindu temple forbid the use of cameras in photographing and taking pictures of deeparadhanai, pujas and deities.

Therefore, the temple administration does not allow stationary cameras and video cameras inside the temple premises. However, nowadays, mobile phones are used to take snapshots and for video coverage. Devotees take snapshots of idols and pujas. He said Temple employees are facing difficulties as a result.

The Hindu Religious Endowments and Charities Department has taken steps to prevent devotees from carrying mobile phones inside the Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple in Madurai. Separate dressing rooms were set up outside the temple premises. The same, he said, should extend to the Subramanyaswamy Temple in Tiruchindor.

The petitioner said that the authorities, as guardians of the temple, should take effective measures to ban the use of mobile phones inside the temple. A panel of judges ordered a division of Justices R. Mahadevan and J. Sathya Narayana Prasad to notify the authorities and asked them to consider the case.