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From Apple to Samsung to Google, here’s when a 5G software update arrives on your phone

It has been more than a week since the official launch of 5G networks in India, telecom players Airtel and Jio are leading the next generation network services in India at the moment. While Airtel has launched its 5G Plus NSA (non-standalone) service in eight cities, Jio is pursuing 5G trials in key regions and is expected to officially launch the network around Diwali this month.

However, a number of users with 5G-ready devices in these supported Tier-I regions are still not able to use 5G on their phones yet. The reason is a software lock on phones that prevents them from accessing 5G networks. These locks are often placed on devices at launch when the corresponding features are not yet available. Brands usually roll out updates to remove locks.

With the support of 5G, many notable brands have not released such updates to enable the use of 5G. Among them are Apple, Samsung, OnePlus and others. But others like Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo appear to be mobile network ready, according to Airtel’s detailed listing.

Before the government pushes brands for faster updates, here is every major 5G phone maker in India now stands when rolling out 5G updates


The entire batch of 5G-enabled iPhones are yet to receive an update, which means that all 5G-enabled iPhones in India are currently stuck on 4G networks. This includes the full range of the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series, as well as the iPhone SE 2022 (Gen-3).

Apple said in a statement that the company is working on the update, and plans to launch it by December in India, which means iPhone users will likely not be able to use 5G for nearly two months since the launch of the next generation network.

Update iPhone 14, iPhone 14 5G and Apple 5G Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 will get a 5G software update by December. (Photo credit: Nandagopal Rajan/Indian Express)

“We are working with our carrier partners in India to deliver the best 5G experience to iPhone users once network verification, quality and performance testing is completed. 5G will be enabled through a software update and will begin rolling out to iPhone users in December,” Apple said in a statement.


While newer Samsung phones like the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy A33, Galaxy M33, Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 are already 5G ready, older 5G phones by the South Korean phone maker haven’t received an update yet. The same. In a new statement, Samsung has now said that updates to these older phones that will make them 5G ready will roll out to supported devices by mid-November 2022.

“Samsung has been a pioneer in the development of 5G technology since 2009 and has taken a leading role in standardizing 5G technology globally. In India, Samsung has the largest portfolio of 5G devices. We are working closely with our carrier partners,” a Samsung India spokesperson said in a statement. We are committed to rolling out OTA updates across all our 5G devices by mid-November 2022, allowing Indian consumers to experience 5G seamlessly.


There is currently only one phone on the market – Nothing Phone (1) and the device is immediately 5G ready, and will not require an update to access 5G networks.

If you use Airtel and are eligible to use 5G while in a supported area, you can simply turn on 5G on your phone (1) by heading to Settings > Network & Internet > SIM Cards > and changing your preferred network type from 4G to 5G. You can also enable other options here – Smart 5G and 5G standalone to improve your 5G experience on spotty. For standalone Jio networks, the brand will launch an update to support Jio 5G before Diwali.


While OnePlus has launched a number of 5G phones for over a year now in the country, its lineup is still a mixed bag of devices that either directly support 5G, or are waiting for an update. There are some older phones like the OnePlus Nord that are 5G ready right away, while the OnePlus Nord 2, behind it, is still waiting for a 5G ready software update. Indianexpress.com has reached out to OnePlus for an update on when users can expect a 5G-ready update for supported phones. We will update as soon as we have a statement.

OnePlus phones that need a software update to use 5G are as follows: OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus Nord 2, and OnePlus 9R. Other OnePlus devices support 5G right away.

The Google

Among Google’s range of Pixel phones, the only 5G-enabled Pixel phone that was launched in India is the Pixel 6a that was made available earlier this year. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which were launched earlier this month, will support 5G networks. While Google has confirmed that a 5G update is coming for these devices, no timeline has been mentioned. “Pixel 7, 7 Pro and Pixel 6a are 5G enabled devices. We are actively working with Indian carriers to enable functionality as soon as possible,” a Google spokesperson said.

Note that things might be different for non-Indian Pixel 5 and Pixel 6-series devices that were imported into the country from abroad, and it is unknown if these devices will need an update to work with 5G. This includes devices like the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro as well, which have yet to be officially launched in India.


A number of Motorola 5G smartphones are waiting for the update to be ready for 5G networks. These phones include the Edge 30 series, Edge-20 series phones, and other devices such as the Moto G 5G, Moto G51, G17, G62, and G82. Motorola revealed that it has already started releasing 5G updates for some phones and others will get the update by November 5 this year.

“We have already begun deploying OTA software updates to enable 5G across both SA (Reliance Jio) and NSA (Airtel & Vi) 5G modes, simultaneously on Motorola devices, allowing consumers to experience a seamless 5G experience across operators. Our updates have already been rolled out. About the merger of the recently launched Motorola edge 30 Ultra and edge 30 and other Motorola 5G devices will receive updates in subsequent weeks, targeting completion by the first week of November 2022,” Prashanth Mani, CEO, Motorola Asia Pacific said.

other brands

Brands like Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, iQOO and Infinix all have 5G ready software already installed on all supported phones, and you don’t need to wait for an update. Xiaomi has also stated that it will release updates to Jio’s Networks SA (Standalone) by Diwali.

Meanwhile, some 5G phones from manufacturers like Asus, Honor, LG, Nokia and Tecno do not have an official statement on when 5G updates will be rolled out to supported phones.