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Check Eligible Vivo and iQOO Smartphones Schedule for OriginOS 3.0 X Android 13 Beta Rollout

Vivo recently announced the latest version of OriginOS 3.0 with a new atomic system design, plenty of customization options, and new features. It has been announced that the cover of the software based on the Origin OS 3.0 Android 13 operating system will be eligible for Vivo and iQOO smartphones. However, the program is limited to China.

Let’s have a look at OriginOS 3 features:-

Through Weibo, Vivo has announced the roll-out schedule of OriginOS 3.0 Beta based on Android 13 for eligible Vivo and iQOO smartphones. The company will start releasing news of beta updates for its phones starting November 25 and will finish rolling them out by March 2023.

Below is the list of OriginOS 3.0 X Android 13 Beta rollout schedule for eligible Vivo and iQOO smartphones.

> From 25 November 2022


Vivo X Fold +

Vivo X Fold

I live X Notes

Vivo X80 Pro

Vivo X80

Vivo S15 Pro

Vivo X80 Pro Dimensity 9000 إصدار Edition

live s15


iQOO 10 Pro

iQOO 10

iQOO 9

iQOO 9 Pro

iQOO Neo 7

iQOO Neo6

> By the end of December 2022


Vivo X70 Pro +

Live X70

Vivo S12 Pro

live S12


iQOO 8 Pro

iQOO 8

iQOO 7

iQOO Neo 5

iQOO Neo 5S


> By the end of February 2023


I live X70 Pro

Live X70t

Vivo X60 Pro +

Vivo X60t Pro +

I live X60 Pro

Live X60

Live X60t

Vivo S10 Pro

Live S10

Vivo S9


iQOO Neo 6 SE

iQOO Neo 5

iQOO Neo 5 SE



> By the end of March 2022


Live S15e

I live S10e

i live s9e

T2x district

Alive Y77

I live Y77e


iQOO 5 Pro

iQOO 5

iQOO 3

This is only the OriginOS 3.0 beta update schedule, and the release timeline will be provided as we go forward.