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Telstra finally welcomes 5G smartphones – Telco / ISP

Two years later than it initially hoped, Telstra is now applauding the arrival of consumer devices that can use the 5G network slicing technology it deployed in 2020.

When Telstra first announced 5G Standalone, the carrier predicted that the devices “will be available from late 2020”.

The first devices named in today’s Telstra Exchange post are the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ or S22 Ultra smartphone purchased from Telstra running Android 13 stable.

5G Standalone refers to the entire 5G network architecture, rather than running a 5G wireless access network via a 4G core.

The single architecture, jointly deployed with Ericsson, supports network slicing – allowing the network to be customized for each user, if required.

Telstra explained that network slicing protocols require end-to-end 5G to function.
Telstra said the network format “allows new dedicated service segments to be parked in minutes instead of days or weeks.”

“Standalone 5G is not necessarily about any one network metric (such as speed or latency) as much as it is about the overall experience,” Telstra explained in the post.

“It allows one customer who wants superior bandwidth for their services to get access to this, and another who needs low latency to get to that – while providing the latest improvements in both security and reliability.”

Focusing on enterprise applications, Telstra noted that 5G Standalone supports “new and emerging businesses and industrial digitization use cases.

In addition, this technology increases our capabilities for automation, security, and resilience,” Telstra said.