Nothing (1) Phone becomes “The Least Repairable Phone of 2022” on Popular YouTube Channel

Nothing (1) phone is in the middle of a teardown.  (Source: Hugh Jeffries via YouTube)
Nothing (1) phone is in the middle of a teardown. (Source: Hugh Jeffries via YouTube)

Hardware repair blogger Hugh Jeffreys found the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to be among the least user-repairable mobile devices of the year, as were their predecessors. However, neither of them has received the YouTuber’s award for Least Repairable Phone of 2022 yet – it has gone instead to its inaugural, highly customized Android smartphone. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Google Pixel 7 came to the praise that other flagships missed.

2022 has again been the year of new iPhones discouraging third-party service with strategic software locks. However, the Series 14 has avoided being classified as the least salvageable mobile device by Hugh Jeffreys thus far thanks to the shift to much more.normativeDesign in 14 and 14 Plus for the first time in many generations.0

Then again, even the 14 Pro and Pro Max (which proved as unattractive to shredding fans as their predecessors) avoided that criticism anyway thanks to Nothing phone (1).

Its transparent design and Glyph lighting make it more difficult to dissect one of its units compared to a modern Android device; In addition, Jeffries noted that replacing the screen leads to a malfunction of the fingerprint reader, due to the inability to recalibrate it after the repair.

The same cannot be said for the Pixel 7, as its OEM Google makes the required software tools freely available in its case. The new vanilla flagship is traded for the Galaxy S22 for the repair crown in Jeffreys’ new video; However, they both eventually lost out to Fairphone 4 for somewhat obvious reasons.

The Australian vlogger admitted that his ratings are limited because he hasn’t had access to every smartphone released in the past 10 months or so. Additionally, there may be some new smartphones in 2022 yet, as some OEMs, most notably Xiaomi, may be scrambling to get the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 powered flagship on the market before the end of the year.

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