New HongZOS ArcherMind supports OpenHarmony and HiSilicon chips

Yesterday, ArcherMind Cooperation launched HongZOS which supports OpenHarmony and HiSilicon chipsets. The company has also released a few development boards and related software solutions along with it.

ArcherMind is a well-known technology segment dealing with operating systems, interconnection solutions, intelligent innovations, and aspects of research and development. Moreover, the company also indulges in auto electronics and artificial intelligence services.

At a recent event, ArcherMind released a brand new industrial distribution platform called HongZOS. Instead, HongZOS is based on OpenHarmony and efficiently supports Huawei HiSilicon chips.

This new solution mainly focuses on artificial intelligence of things in industrial sectors. For example, industry, education, energy, transportation and authorized matters. Besides, it is a complete stop for interoperability issues and equipment management issues.

HongZOS appeared at the event stage with version 1.0 and promised to meet industry requirements for chips, soft buses, communication interfaces, data types, operational regulations and other digital topics.

The V1.0 system in question is also compatible with mainstream Modbus, CAN and PELCO-D. High-performance hardware codec displays, smooth real-time video monitoring, etc.

HongZOS OpenHarmony HiSilicon Chips

ArcherMind has released two more inventions

At the same HongZOS event, the technology manufacturer also launched two smart boards for development – Hongcheng Zhiyuan HCPAD-100 and Hongcheng Zhiyuan HCA-100.

Both inventions are based on artificial intelligence and support the OpenHarmony system. However, the HCPAD-100 powers the Rockchip RK3568 while the HCA-100 powers the HiSilicon Hi3861V100 chips.

These development boards improve R&D concepts and help engineers quickly develop and build projects. Moreover, it will provide strong scalability and high reliability in projects and other technical scenarios.

HongZOS OpenHarmony HiSilicon Chips

In addition, the company also revealed 5 key solutions. These are intelligent monitoring, industrial control cockpits, cargo sensing, intelligent robots, intelligence software, and hardware.

As a result, these solutions will provide customized solutions for both consumers and operators in the industrial, educational and technical services fields.

HongZOS OpenHarmony HiSilicon Chips