iFis Uno DAC Featured

iFi’s Uno is a DAC for everyone, not just audio enthusiasts

iFi is very popular with audio enthusiasts for its range of DACs and amplifiers. But with its latest device, iFi is taking a different approach. The new Uno is a DAC for everyone, delivering high-quality sound through its small speaker.

The DAC translates the digital audio into an analog signal for listening devices. Most devices focus more on size and comfort rather than sound quality than this technology, which is why many DACs choose. The hardware focuses on high-quality amplification, which means you can listen to music at higher bit rates for Hi-Fi streaming. Basically, you will hear high quality music!

You can connect the Uno to most devices you own, since it fits nicely in the palm of your hand. It connects via a USB-C cable, which means you can plug most laptops, tablets, and smartphones into the DAC. And thanks to the smaller size, you’ll be able to carry it on the go as well. Once connected, you can connect headphones or speaker systems to the amplifier, and continue to listen as you normally would. It does not need a charging or power cable, as it draws power from the device it is connected to.

iFi has drawn experience from high-end DACs, delivering the same sound quality they are known for. Uno packs its Quad DAC+ and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator technology to ensure low distortion, excellent clarity, and impressive range. With a dial, you can adjust the analog gain, and preset filters mean you’ll be able to find the perfect sound for you. You can also adjust the volume through the speaker, providing greater control over your device’s volume.

Uno DAC iFi amplifier close to laptop

Uno supports PCM audio data up to 32bit/384kHz, along with DSD up to 11.2MHz, and MQA. Fancy shortcuts aside, this covers the majority of Hi-Fi files you’ll find, as well as Hi-Fi streaming from platforms like Tidal. You can also switch between different modes for music, movies or games, allowing you to select the right sound for your entertainment.

If you care about the quality of the audio you’re listening to too but aren’t quite ready for serious fixtures, iFi’s Uno is an excellent foray into high-quality audio. The Uno slots well below the price of most speakers, at £79 compared to £200+. You’ll be able to order one directly from iFi at the end of November, just in time for Christmas!