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Hollyland launches the new Lark C1 wireless microphone for smartphones

Hollyland has a new microphone that it launched recently aimed at mobile users who shoot a lot of content with their smartphone (and other USB-C or Lightning devices). The new microphone is called Hollyland Lark C1 wireless lavAnd, as you can imagine, it comes in both USB-C and Lightning flavors.

It looks very similar to the company’s Lark M1 that targets smaller platforms as well, only this one is connected directly to your device versus relying on a 3.5mm connection, cable, and mounting point. While also offering a pass-through port so you can still charge your device while you’re using it (in case you’re walking around with it and prefer keeping it on a tripod or something).

Taking up little space and similar to today’s wireless earbud options, it fits easily in your pocket and holds a noticeable charge thanks to the charging/travel case that provides up to 32 hours of playback before you have to charge everything (up to 8 hours of charge per transmitter before it comes back). to the box).

The company says the receiver and transmitters can pick up audio from up to 650 feet (line-of-sight), support 48kHz/16-bit audio capture, and active noise cancellation (to help cancel out some of the background noise in your environment). All for a price point of about $179 for the dual array (for microphones, one receiver, and case).

Holyland Lark C1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone

It seems to be a great solution for those who like to keep things simple. This is not difficult thanks to the cameras and stabilization features on today’s smartphones. All you have to do is place the receiver at the bottom of your phone, clip one or both microphones to whoever you’re trying to capture audio from, and turn it off to record your content.

Of course, you can also connect it to your favorite action cam, or anything else that can transmit a microphone via USB-C or Lightning. You just have to choose one or the other because each will be a different model choice.

The kit is now available via Amazon for the Lightning version and the USB-C variant appears to be a bit behind on charging as Amazon explains that it can take 1-2 months to charge. However, the Lightning one is currently available to ship with normal charging times.