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Chinese brands launch full-view smartphones with ultra-compact selfie camera

A prominent Chinese tech blogger with the Weibo account name “Digital Chat Station” announced on August 3 that Chinese smartphone manufacturers are looking for new solutions for full-screen smartphones, and that some will launch an “ultra-compact selfie camera solution”. This feature will pack the selfie camera on the smartphone frame, without heavy mechanical structure or affecting the screen, and with better imaging quality.

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ZET Axon 40 Ultra (Source: ZTE)

According to the blogger, this solution will be adopted by the new foldable smartphone model, and the upright display model is also under consideration. Consumers can look forward to whether this “ultra-compact selfie camera solution” can provide better full-view smartphones.

Full vision smartphones represent a more perfect form that manufacturers follow. For this reason, the major smartphone manufacturers in China have introduced models with pop-up and display cameras, such as the vivo NEX and ZTE Axon 40 Ultra.

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vivo NEX 3 (Source: vivo)

However, the pop-up camera takes up quite a bit of space in the device, while the entire model can be quite heavy or thick – not to mention the high cost of maintenance. On the other hand, the in-screen camera has the problem of poor imaging quality. Nowadays, most smartphones have returned to displays, which can be a compromise.

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xiaomi I also applied for a patent called “Pop-up Camera Module and Terminal” in June of this year, and made new explorations in mechanical pop-up cameras. According to the patent overview, compared to the current technology, the patented pop-up camera module model reduces the complexity of the module structure, and also saves space occupied.