TCL may have a WQHD display with Variable Refresh optimized for the next generation smartphones on display

The newest and newest OLED displays found in 2022 flagship smartphones are often marketed as having “LTPO 2.0,” a new component that has been rated to upgrade their refresh rates. Unlike their predecessors, their monitors can be refreshed at high frequencies (measured in Hertz (Hz)) for challenging tasks such as scrolling or high-speed gaming, however as low as 1 Hz when appropriate; For example, when you turn on the always-on display mode.

These specifications are described as giving anti-flicker in a way that also saves battery because the screen intelligently uses only the power needed for each task.

If these new monitors (mostly Samsung’s E5 generation) have a drawback, it’s that their refresh rates only hit 120Hz so far; Therefore, games that are more realistic and which are easier on the eye are out of reach.

The China Star Optoelectronics (or CSOT) division of TCL may have an answer to this problem, a next-generation AMOLED LTPO display with a minimum 1 Hz refresh rate mentioned above, but graduated to 144 Hz max. It is now also expected to offer WQHD resolution upon launch.

It’s also slated to have 30Hz and 60Hz midrange gearing, and to augment the battery-saving LTPO chips using CSOT’s Micro Light Gathering (MLP) technology. Then again, TCL has yet to say when this new type of panel will be available to device manufacturers.

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