Nokia 6255i Cell Phone

Nokia 6255i Cell Phone

Nokia continues to offer a high quality and much preferred item in their cellular phone offerings and their 6255i flip top model does not dissatisfy. If you desire a cell phone that is lightweight, attractive, and features scads of features, then this child is for you.

Among flip phones, the Nokia 6255i is specific to be observed by mobile phone afficionados. No bare bones design, the 6255i comes filled with the following requirement features:

  • Camera with flash and digital zoom
  • Video recorder
  • Streaming audio and video
  • MP3 player
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Voice calling
  • Oh, yeah, the 6255i can likewise be effectively utilized to talk with someone too! This is nearly an afterthought when you consider its excellent features.

    Because of its appeal, no less than twelve service companies have signed on to sell this 4.4 oz marvel. Therefore, your choices of providers are exceptional; look around and compare the best strategies.

    I have actually seen the 6255i provided for as low as $49 after rebates when a 2 year plan is acquired. Not bad when you consider that the design retails for as much as $299 when acquired separately. You may have the ability to discover an even better deal when shopping online.

    Other leading Nokia turn leading designs worth an appearance consist of the 6170 featuring a video camera, video, and voice abilities; and the 7270 featuring GSM abilities. In all, Nokia remains a powerful competitor in the ever growing cell phone market and the 6255i is a strong entrant.